The Taylor Bag was started and launched in March of 2012. It was something Taylor had wanted to do, but being in a high demanding job at the time there wasn't room for that dream. After some budget cuts and position relocations the opportunity to stay or go became abundantly clear. Taylor said her good byes and within a week The Taylor Bag was born and the first items had already been assembled, "It seemed too easy, too good to be true. It's exactly what I should have been doing all along". 

Taylor lives with her family in Virginia Beach VA only blocks from the water, with her husband Peter, and two sons Jonas, and Rivers, and their pupper, Maebe Dog. 

Taylor learned to sew randomly when she realized that a hobby was in order. Her Granny in Texas ordered her a sewing machine as a surprise gift and her so called hobby turned business over night and thus The Taylor Bag was born.

The Taylor Bag is always growing and looking for new ideas and new ways to help someone feel special and uniquely one of a kind, just like the items Taylor designs for them.